Verizon Land Lease Agreement

We have checked thousands of mobile tower leases over the years and the majority of cell towers we see have a tenant on the tower. Even though the tower has been in service for decades. If a tenant has been to the tower in the last thirty years, why would he want to suddenly jump on the cell tower? We must keep in mind the history of the tower in trying to predict the future. Management companies are able to obtain rents if they are listed on the lease. If the management company is not mentioned on the lease, then verizon Wireless requires a copy of the management agreement or a letter from the lessor stating that the management company is authorized to sign on behalf. For a management company to receive rent payments, complete our payment form. Send the completed form directly through the owner`s portal. Remember that the Verizon representative will not always be truthful or right with Verizon`s project. They may know that they are spreading outside their client`s footprint, but it`s up to you to catch them. Sometimes we check the plans and find that the tenant has been violating the lease for over a decade! In such a situation, they owe our clients, the landlord, the rear rental and the future rent to pay for the injury. Verizon Wireless Network Real Estate division is responsible for managing contractual agreements for mobile phone sites, such as leasing, licensing, facilities and subleases. The department manages a database of these agreements, spends rents, assists homeowners and supports Verizon`s real estate staff across the country to ensure that all contractual agreements are tracked, processed, maintained and supported. There are many factors that are taken into account for each property of a cellular site.

Please read the requirements of our Network Real Estate Inquiries page before submitting an application. We will only contact requests that meet our specifications. Airwave Advisors can help you guarantee the highest rents with the cheapest rental conditions if you rent with the 800-pound gorilla. Verizon is recruiting experts to ensure the best conditions, right? If you have moved, please update your address with us as soon as possible to avoid any notification errors. You can change your postal address by filling out our change of address form. Send your completed form directly through the owner`s portal. From compensation rules to law forehands – from moving and re-education clauses to tax rules – Verizon cell tower leasing contracts are full of languages to deal with, or they can give you headaches in the future.

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