Withdrawal Agreement Bill Fisheries

The realization that the UK will be an independent coastal state has the important consequence of ending the automatic right of EU vessels to fish in British waters, namely the principle of equal access. Similarly, quotas between the UK and EU Member States are no longer governed by the 1983 agreement, which is known as the relative stability principle. The reference to regulatory autonomy is also important, as it is the realization that after each transition period, the United Kingdom will establish the rules for all domestic and foreign vessels fishing in the UK`s exclusive economic zone. The European institutions – the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament and the European Commission – will no longer define the rules under which ships fish in British waters. The consequence implies that British vessels fishing in EU waters will be subject to EU rules. The noble lord, Lord Teverson, referred to regional fishing organizations. The United Kingdom will partner with these organisations after the transition period and will continue to cooperate with other coastal states where there are common interests in the fishing sector. There will be no gap in membership, which is very important. I would also like to say that, through these bodies and through our accession to the ICES, the international body responsible for discussing the status of fish stocks, we will continue to contribute to limiting the limits on the capture of our own scientific data. Uk data is and will continue to be collected by world leaders cefas. Gentlemen, this is a truly historic bill.

For the first time in 50 years, we can design our own fisheries policy; It will be one of the few brexit money hits if we do it right. This will be a real test of the government`s approach to negotiations between Britain and the EU. There are a lot of pushes and pushes until December, and the noble lord, Lord Hannay, has rightly pointed out that large quotas are at stake for other EU Member States and that a large part of the markets is at stake for us. We must ensure that the needs of sustainable fisheries are not addressed against other trade requirements – bilateral and international cooperation to ensure sustainable fishing, promote resource conservation and promote a clean, healthy and productive marine environment, and note that the UK will be an independent coastal state. In accordance with regulatory autonomy, cooperation in the development of conservation measures, rational management and regulation of fisheries in a non-discriminatory manner. Close cooperation with other coastal states and in international for a, including the management of common stocks. As with the European Union Withdrawal Agreement Act – and as we will see with the Agriculture Act and the Environment Act if they reach this House – the government has decided to amend the legislation following the recent elections.

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آراز ، یه مثلا برنامه نویس که تحصیلات فوق لیسانس GIS & RS و دکترای سنجش از دور ماهواره ای و علاقه مند بسیار شدید به آموختن و نویسندگی، در کل زندگیش کتاب های فراوانی رو شروع کرده ولی همیشه در حال ویرایش و تکمیل کردنش. عاشق دنیایی هست که کار برای پول نباشه و شادی خیلی ارزون تر از الان به دست بیاد. شدیدا به جامعه شناسی و انسان ها علاقه داره و تنها قانونش "بهای آزادی ، هوشیاری ابدی"